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I'tiraf (Confession)

from by Alif



حينَ تَغيب
بأنَّ الأَرْضَ تَدورُ
وأنَّ المَطَرَ يَهِّلُّ
يَدورُ رَحَى الطّاحون

حيَنَ تَكون
بأنَّ الجامِدَ يَتَفَتَّتُ
تَتَوَهَّجُ أَلْوانُ الطَّيفِ
وَيَسري دِفءُ الكَوْن

أَحْتَمِلُ اللامُحْتَمَلَ
اليَوْمِيَّ، العادِيَّ، الرَّسْمِيَّ
وَتَزْهو كُلُّ الأَشْياء

حَيْثُ تَكون
يَتَسَلَّلُ نورُ الشَّمْس

حينَ نَكون
تَشْتَعِلُ الدُّنيا

شعر لفيحاء عبد الهادي. الترجمة الإنجليزية لناريمان يوسف -


When you are far away,
I confess
that the earth turns,
and the rain falls,
turning the millstone.

When you are here,
I confess
that the solid crumbles,
rainbow colours glow,
and the heat of the universe flows.

I bear the unbearable,
the everyday,
the ordinary,
the formal,
and all things bloom.

Wherever you are,
sunlight steals in.

Whenever we are,
the world is ablaze.

- Poem by Faiha Abdulhadi. English translation by Nariman Youssef.


from Aynama​-​Rtama, released September 4, 2015
All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Alif. Poem by Faiha Abdulhadi.



all rights reserved


Alif Beirut, Lebanon

Rhythmic drive and fervour, innovative instrumentation and poignant avant-garde words coalesced as an intense labyrinth of sound and emotion. Alif is the collective sound of five musicians at the forefront of independent music in the Arab world, feat. Khyam Allami (Oud), Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Vocals/Buzuq), Bashar Farran (Bass), Maurice Louca (Keys/Electronics) and Khaled Yassine (Drums/Percussion). ... more

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