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Watti Es​-​Sawt (Keep It Down)

from by Alif



الصّوت واطي، علّي الصوت
الصّوت واطي، علّي الصوت
قالّك المَشوِة بالشورت هناك أحلى وحنغمِّس شكولا بِالبَسكوت
قال السَّمكة بالبحر التاني أزكى والعنزِة هناك ما بِتموت
قالّك الصحرا فيها بندورة عِندُن والشتوية بتشتي فروت
قال العيشة بالبلاد التانية أحلى من العيشة من تَحْتِ البوط
علّي الصّوت
من تَحْتِ البوط

الصّوت واطي، علِّي الصّوت
الصّوت واطي، من تَحْتِ البوط
قالَّك حَضَبضَب وأَلَمْلم وأَحَضّر وأدَبّر واستعير وأَطير وأَهاجِر وأَسافِر
قال حَفَتِّش وأَنَبِّش وأَفَكر وأخطّط واستدير وأسير وأَتاجِر وأَعافِر
قال حَناضِل وأَكافِح وأَدافِع وأَصافِح وأَناكِح وأَشارِك وأَبارِك
لأنّه العيشه بِالبلاد التانية أحلى من العيشة مِن تَحتِ البوط
طَب إركَب البوت، وإوعى تْعود
واتغدّا دود، واتعَشّى وموت

أو علّي الصّوت، مِن تَحتِ البوط
أو حِبِّ البوط، ووَطّي الصّوت

تأليف تامر ابو غزالة. الترجمة الإنجليزية لناريمان يوسف -


It’s too quiet. Turn it up.

Over there, he said, we'll walk in shorts,
and eat chocolate-dipped biscuits.
Fish, he said, tastes better from that sea,
and goats over there don’t ever die.
They have tomatoes in the desert, he said,
and it rains fruits from the sky.
Living abroad, he said, is better than living under the boot.

Well then turn it up.
Turn it up.

Under the boot.

It’s too quiet. Turn it up.
It’s too quiet. Under the boot.

He said I’ll tidy up and gather up, prepare and save up, borrow, fly and relocate.

I’ll dig and uproot, think and plan, turn and walk, strive and trade.

I’ll struggle and fight, protect, partake, meet and greet and fornicate.

Living abroad, he said, is better than living under the boot.

Well then get on a boat, and don’t come back.
Have worms for lunch. Eat and die.
Or turn it up. Under the boot.
Or cherish the boot. And keep it down.

- Lyrics by Tamer Abu Ghazaleh. English translation by Nariman Youssef.


from Aynama​-​Rtama, released September 4, 2015
All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Alif. Lyrics by Tamer Abu Ghazaleh.



all rights reserved


Alif Beirut, Lebanon

Rhythmic drive and fervour, innovative instrumentation and poignant avant-garde words coalesced as an intense labyrinth of sound and emotion. Alif is the collective sound of five musicians at the forefront of independent music in the Arab world, feat. Khyam Allami (Oud), Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Vocals/Buzuq), Bashar Farran (Bass), Maurice Louca (Keys/Electronics) and Khaled Yassine (Drums/Percussion). ... more

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